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Online Therapy

Online rådgivning

In recent years, many scientific studies have been carried out on the effect of online therapy provieded by psychologists. It has been shown that the therapeutic effect of online therapy is comparable to therapy sitting in the same room. With an online consultation, just like in the clinic, there is the possibility of direct communication, eye contact and observation of body language. Internet-based therapy is also a solution that has many advantages in a busy everyday life or during long transport.

But it requires a reliable internet connection and a good webcam on both sides.
At Bækkely, you can choose between online and face-to-face consultations. - And you can also book appointments yourself via online appointment booking here.

Regardless of whether we meet at Bækkely or online, we work with the same method, namely ACT. ACT is short for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. You can read more about the approach here and find some for freeACT Resourcesin the menu. Resources are added continuously.

You can also choose to mix online interviews with attendance at Bækkely. You can choose that when you book appointments via online appointment booking. Of course, you can also arrange it from the start with me. 


First conversation
If you are considering choosing an online consultation, but would also like to meet face-to-face, we can, for example, meet at Bækkely for an initial interview. Later, you can choose to meet one or more times in an online meeting room. You are of course also welcome to book all your conversations at Bækkely. 

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