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Therapy for Adults

Therapy for adults is based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Bagsiden af ​​mand med rygsæk

ACT is about living according to your values. Values are the things that are important to you and bring you meaning and content in life. When you know your values, you can make decisions and act in a way that is in line with them.

Imagine you have a backpack. This backpack is filled with all the feelings and thoughts that you have. Sometimes the backpack can become quite heavy because there are many things inside. These things can be worries, sadness, fear, or other emotions that make you unhappy.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps you learn how to carry your emotional backpack in a better way. Instead of trying to push or ignore the feelings away, you learn to accept them. It doesn't mean you have to like them or suffer for them, but you acknowledge that they are a part of you.

Imagine you have a friend who always tries to push you away when you're sad or scared. It's not nice, is it? That is what we often do to ourselves. However, you can learn to be a good friend to yourself and accept that you have different feelings. You can let the emotions be there without letting them take over your entire backpack.

So in short, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is about learning to accept your feelings and thoughts, while acting in accordance with the things that are important to you. It helps you carry your emotional backpack in a better way and be a good friend to yourself.

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