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Online: How?

Fortunately, it is quite simple. There is no need to install any program or app.


You will be sent a link to a secure meeting room. The system works both on a computer and on a mobile phone/tablet. The system is called Whereby and it is simple, secure (fully encrypted) and complies with the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR).

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1.    You will receive an email from me with a link to the online meeting room (Whereby).
2.    Press the link. 
3.    Enter your first name in a field if prompted.
4.    Press "Continue"
5.    Press ”Request permissions”
6.    Allow access to camera and microphone.
7.    Press "Knock". You are now knocking on the "door" to the online meeting room.
I open the meeting room at the agreed time.
If we can't get the connection online I'll call you. Remember not to put your phone on silent or airplane mode.

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