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Cancellation and Sickness

Cancellation and no-shows:

In case of cancellation later than 8 am the day before the appointment or no-show, the client will be charged the full amount.*


However, you always have the option to move your appointment to online video. even if you are ill or unable to come to Bækkely - we call it our appointment guarantee.

Therapy when I'm sick???

When I recommend that you participate in therapy online even if you are ill, there is actually a therapeutic reason for it. The session can be shorter than usual when you are ill, just as you may find that we sometimes have shorter sessions in the clinic because that is what we have the the energy to do that day.

I reserve my time for you when you have an appointment with me. And the therapeutic justification for holding the session even if you are ill is actually quite important.

From an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) perspective, there are several reasons why attending therapy when you are not feeling well can be beneficial. And ACT is the starting point for the therapy at Bækkely.

  • It is important to practice acceptance or fully embracing and experiencing all emotions, including the difficult ones like sadness, anxiety or depression. By attending therapy when you are feeling down, you can have the opportunity to process and explore uncomfortable feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

  • My therapy also values the importance of ​​committed action or taking steps to live a meaningful and fulfilling life despite any internal struggles you may experience. Engaging in therapy can help you identify and work toward your values even when you're not feeling your best. Here, physical illness can be a metaphor for the inner struggles you have with thoughts or feelings.

  • Sometimes our pain (physical or psychological) can get in the way of taking actions that align with our values. Therapy when you're not feeling well can help you identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts and behaviors that can hold you back in everyday life and give you strategies to move forward.

  • Therapy at Bækkely emphasizes the importance of ​​building psychological flexibility or the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and navigate difficult emotions. Engaging in therapy can help you develop and strengthen this skill, which can be especially helpful when you're not feeling your best.

  • Finally, therapy provides a safe and confidential space to talk about your experiences and receive support and guidance from a trained professional – even when you are ill. This can be incredibly valuable when you're not feeling well and can help you feel more connected and supported during difficult times.

Although it can be challenging to attend therapy when you are not feeling well, I definitely believe that it can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life and can help you better cope with difficult emotions and circumstances.

*If you are an insurance patient via Prescriba, the amount is DKK 350, which will be invoiced to you - the cancellation fee is not covered by the insurance - it is part of Bækkely's agreement with Prescriba. If you have a medical note from your doctor, the fee can be waived.

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