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Billede af Hannah Busing

Group therapy has several benefits, both for individuals and therapists. Here are some of the benefits of group therapy:

1. Support and understanding:

Group therapy allows participants to meet and interact with people who have similar challenges and problems. This creates a sense of community where participants can share their experiences, listen to each other and feel understood and accepted. This support can be very beneficial and comforting as it shows that you are not alone in your experiences.

2. Perspectives and feedback:

In a group, different perspectives and life stories are represented. This gives the opportunity to gain new insights and see things from different points of view. The participants can learn from each other's experiences and give each other feedback and support in their personal growth and development.

3. Social skills training:

Group therapy provides a unique opportunity to practice social skills and improve interpersonal relationships. Participants can learn to express themselves, listen actively, give and receive constructive feedback, and build healthy relationships within the safe framework of the group.

4. Normalization:

Group therapy can help normalize individuals' experiences and feelings. Hearing others participating in the group share similar challenges can reduce feelings of shame, guilt or isolation and give a sense that you are not alone in your problems.


5. Financial benefit:

Group therapy can be more affordable compared to individual therapy as the cost is shared between the participants. This makes it a more affordable option for those who cannot afford individual therapy or wish to supplement their individual therapy with a group experience.


6. Group dynamics:

Group therapy provides an opportunity to observe and learn from group dynamics. The interaction between the participants can reveal patterns, roles and dynamics that can reflect or illuminate one's own patterns and interactions in real life. This can be a valuable insight into one's personal development.

It is important to note that group therapy is not suitable for everyone. Some people prefer or need individual therapy for various reasons. It depends on the needs and preferences of the individual.

Bækkely groups and courses

You can register for group therapy and courses via Online Booking.

Gruppe terapi

Stress course

Course about coping -

XXXX kr.

Gå i naturen

Anxiety & Depression

Group Therapy

3., 10., 24., 31. okt. 

(plus 2 individuelle samtaler)

3.000 kr. - kan betales i 3 rater på 1.000 kr.

Sidder på en bænk

Saturday Retreat

Practicing conscious presence together.

XXXX kr.

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